supported barn

Wilmington, VT

In 2016, Chris Parker and his team took on this 1820’s barn that had many structural problems; broken rafters, twisted post, failing stone foundation, rotten sills, and failing main floor. The owner wanted to be able to use this building all four seasons. 

The first thing we needed to accomplish was to support and straighten out the building within reason. After this, we had replaced the sills, stone foundation, and reframed the first floor main structure.

Next we had installed the new old barn post. We had also re-roofed the building after doing a lot of work to the structural aspect of the roof.

Finally, we made up some new doors, and painted the barn “old” red to keep the tradition of red barns alive.  

       New doors and a fresh coat of paint finish off the project and bring the barn back to its previous beauty.